Edwards Management Services Pty Ltd

Phone: 1300 783 420              Postal Address: P O Box 3155, Narellan NSW 2567

ABN 23 000 553 444                   Established 1966


Company Mission Statement

The company's objective has changed over the last few years. It has begun to change its investment strategies. Instead of focusing 100% on real estate development it will now concentrate on longer term real estate investment, acquisition and development of various businesses.

In the next decade it will be developing interests in the caravan and RV industry together with a management, taxation and mentoring consultancy.

Company Profile

The company was established in 1966 and began with emphasis on farming, primary production and building activities. In 1979 the company changed its business to real estate management, management of accounting practices and computer bureaus. It was successful in all these areas. The real estate management gradually lead to opportunities in the real estate development and over the last decade Edwards Management Services Pty Ltd has expanded its real estate holdings significantly. The company is financially secure and does not believe in under-capitalizing its business or taking risks that are not professionally assessed by a competent team of professionals. The company has been and will continue to go from strength to strength in the next decade. It intends to expand its interests into various businesses, especially the caravan and RV industry. Hopefully our company will continue to grow and management will eventually be passed on to the next generation of smart business people.